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Supertalk Sportsline, hosted by longtime Huntington, West Virginia radio broadcasters Paul Swann and Woody Woodrum, airs Monday-Friday from 4-6 p.m. on WRVC-AM. Paul and Woody discuss the days sports stories with a focus on Marshall University.

Supertalk Sportsline 1-30-15

Paul Swann & Woody Woodrum co-hosted in studio. They discussed: Superbowl
49; MU players who went on to the NFL; talked to Eric Fry, President, MU QB Club in
Charleston; Puppy Bowl; Kitten Bowl; Doug Smock, Charleston Gazette, called;
Woody's 5 reasons why the Patriots or Seahawks will win;


Supertalk Sportsline 1-29-15

Paul Swann & Woody Woodrum co-hosted in studio. They discussed tonight's Marshall men's basketball game against Southern Miss; Johnny Manziel; bowl games; youth football helmets; Marshall women's basketball team;


Supertalk Sportsline 1-28-15

Paul Swann & Jack Bogaczyk co-hosted in studio. They discussed: WV Tech/Rio
Grande basketball game in Huntington Saturday at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena
and talked to WV Tech Coach Bob Williams ; this week's Herd Insider; MU's
upcoming basketball games on the road tomorrow & Saturday; Superbowl; plethora
of Herd athletics coming up.


Supertalk Sportsline 1-27-15

Paul Swann & Woody Woodrum co-hosted in studio. They discussed: MU/WVU
series; MU football schedule 2015; Marshawn Lynch; Deflategate; Bill Belichick;
Superbowl winning coaches.


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-26-15

Paul Swann, in studio, and Woody Woodrum at The Union Pub & Grill, co-hosted.
They discussed: last night's Pro Bowl; NHL All-Star game; deflategate; MU men &
women basketball teams beat UTEP;
2nd hour: Huntington Mayor Steve Williams stopped by. They discussed lots of
local sports tournaments happening in Huntington. touched on politics;


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-23-15

Paul Swann soloed. He talked about last night's MU basketball game; interviewed MU
& NFL great, Troy Brown; Kobe Bryant; resurrected Woody Woodrum from his sick
bed to make an appearance; CUSA play last night, 3 of which went into OT;
Superbowl; Thundering Herd women, now 11-6, 3-3.


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-22-15

Paul Swann soloed at the Cam for tonight's MU/UTSA game. Jason Corriher, MU SID,
joined in the later half of the first hour. Jack Bocagzyk joined in after 5p. They
discussed Marshall's chances here on out this season.


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-21-15

Paul Swann & Jack Bogaczyk co-hosted in studio. They discussed: the new Herd
Insider; talked to Jeff Small, MU track coach; deflate gate; a CUSA 14th team;
instant replay; upcoming Herd Insiders.


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-20-15

Paul Swann soloed. He talked about Andy Dalton replacing Aaron Rodgers in the Pro
Bowl due to Rodgers' injury; Shonda Stanton, MU Softball coach phoned; are
baseball games too long?


Supertalk Sportsline 1-19-15

Paul Swann is joined by producer Adam Rogers for Monday's edition of Supertalk Sports Line. Herd Women's Basketball and Conference USA Player of the Week Leah Scott and head coach Matt Daniel call in to talk about Scott's award and Marshall's season thus far.


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-16-15

Paul Swann and Jack Bogaczyk co-hosted. They discussed: Doc Holliday's

recruiting jaunt; Jack's article in the Herd Insider on signing day; talked with Coach

Matt Daniel of the MU women's basketball team.;;

interviewed Kenny French, coach of Rio Grande.


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-15-15

Paul Swann soloed in studio. He discussed the MU/FIU game tonight, followed by
Cleveland/LosAngeles Lakers game, both heard here tonight;


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-14-15

Paul Swann welcomed WSAZ Newschannel 3 Sports Director, Keith Morehouse, to
the studio. They discussed MU Men's Basketball Coach, Dan D'Antoni's system of
play and his current players and those coming on board; MU's top 25 football
ranking in the end-of-season polls and looking toward next season; Ohio State;
2nd hour: MU Women's Tennis Coach, John Mercer, was called to talk about
upcoming matches; NBA.


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-13-15

Paul Swann & Woody Woodrum co-hosted in studio and discussed last night's OSU
win over Oregon; The Herd's end-of-season rankings; MU football team make-up for
next season; MU Basketball;


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-12-15

Paul Swann, in-studio, and Woody Woodrum at The Union Pub & Grill, co-hosted and
talked about: National College Football Championship and the ensuing hoopla;
NCAA decisions; NFL coaching openings; Top 25 college basketball rankings; SEC;
Big 12; ACC;


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-9-15

Paul Swann & Woody Woodrum co-hosted in studio and talked about: College
Football Hall of Fame inductees including former Marshall standout QB Michael
Payton with whom they spoke via phone; Former MU coach Mark Snyder's new job;
MU men's & women's basketball teams; weekend NFL action; UAB football;


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-8-15

Paul Swann & Woody Woodrum co-hosted from the Cam Henderson Center, site of
tonight's Marshall/Old Dominion basketball game with pre-game at 5:30. Tip off: 7:00. Jack Bogaczyk joined in the conversation


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-7-15

Paul Swann soloed in studio. He discussed: today's show's line-up; Paul
interviewed Ed Miller of the Virginia Pilot prior to Marshall's Thursday contest with the
Top 25 Old Dominion Monarchs at the Cam; Paul talked with Jacob Messer of Herd
Nation; Jameis Winston going pro.


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-6-15

Paul Swann & Woody Woodrum co-hosted in studio. They discussed the bowl
games; Cleveland Cavaliers; MLB Baseball 4 2015 Hall of Fame inductees; National
Football Championship; wish list for MU facilities; UAB football.


SuperTalk Sportsline 1-5-15

Paul Swann, in studio, & Woody Woodrum at The Union Pub & Grill, welcomed in
2015 with tons o sports: bowl games,NFL, national championship, Marshall & CUSA
basketball; sportswear marketing; post-season play for MU football players; Bengals
playoff woes; tonight's Cleveland Cavaliers game sans LeBron;


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