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TriState Viewpoint 8-20-14

Tri-State Viewpoint with Jean Dean 8-20-14: Jean Dean & Wednesday co-host Dr. Joe Wyatt, retired, Marshall University clinical psychologist, welcomed Huntington Police Department Chief Jim Johnson for the first half. They discussed the ongoing case in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting an additions to HPD staff and equipment. In the second half of the show Jean and Joe discussed the West Virginia et al v. Cardinal Health case and the Rick Perry's grand jury indictment in Texas. Dr. Wyatt revealed his "Liar of the Week!


Tri State Viewpoint 8-19-14

Jean Dean welcomed Patrick Grace of Publisher's Place and Barbara Pursue, who
brought her late brother's book to publication--Deception On Conception. They
talked about the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri; another shooting today near Ferguson; Robin Williams' suicide; 304-697-3236 is Publisher's Place's number.


Tri State Viewpoint 8-18-14

Jean Dean welcomed Dave Peyton, retired newspaper columnist. They discussed:
former Huntington Mayor Kim Wolfe, WV Ethics Commission; Huntington Mayor
Steve Williams' plea for prayer for Sept 7 at 11:05am;


Tri State Viewpoint 8-13-14

Jean Dean welcomed Wednesday co-host Dr. Joe Wyatt, retired, Marshall University
clinical psychologist. They discussed the death of Robin Wiliams and his bout with
depression/suicide; pharmaceutical companies; and politics. Joe revealed his "liar of the week!"


Tri State Viewpoint 8-12-14

Jean Dean welcomed Trinity Episcopal's Father Chip Graves. They discussed the
church's outreach in Huntington: food, clothing, medical, veterans, Marshall
Jean talked about Huntington City Council agenda last night. Chairman Mark Bates
joined in the final 10 minutes to expound.


Tri State Viewpoint 8-11-14

Jean Dean welcomed Huntington Mayor Steve Williams in studio. They discussed:
Marshall's New Visual Arts Center downtown Huntington; tonight's council meeting
agenda; new police chief search;
2nd half: Marshall University Dean of College of Arts & Media, Don Van Horn, expounded upon the new 6 floor center in downtown Huntington.


Tri State Viewpoint 8-8-14

Jean Dean and co-host, Dr. Joe Wyatt, retired professor, Marshall University. They
talked: $2+ million housing grants for Huntington; impeachment of President Obama;
Congressman Nick Rahall called to talk about prescription drugs summit in
Huntington; Judge Rotenberg Center, a special-education, residential school; Dr.
Wyatt revealed his "liar of the week!"


Tri State Viewpoint 8-6-14

Jean Dean welcomed Brandon Dennison of Coalfield Development Corporation who
is renovating the old Corbin Building in Westmoreland. He discussed other projects
the company has done. WV Delegate and Exec Director, Wayne Co. Economic
Development Authority, Don Perdue, joined in the conversation in the first half.


Tri State Viewpoint 8-5-14

Jean Dean welcomed Publisher's Place mogul Patrick Grace. They discussed today's
catastrophe in Afghanistan; Gaza/Israel/Hamas cease-fire; Ebola; Patrick's
Herald-Dispatch column today; Redskin name bruhaha; technology & books;


Tri State Viewpoint 8-4-14

Jean Dean's in-studio guest was Bill Dingus, Executive Director, Lawrence County,

Ohio, Economic Development Corporation. They discussed new jobs coming to the

Point Industrial Park in South Point, as well as highlighting the existing businesses.


Tri State Viewpoint 7-31-14

Jean Dean's first half hour guests were Bos & Dotty Johnson. They discussed social

security, medicare, Huntington's fires of yore, minimum wage. Jean's second half

discussion centered on Congress.


Tri State Viewpoint 7-29-14

Jean Dean's guests were husband & wife, Reverend Lisa Graves of St. John's

Episcopal Church and Reverend Chip Graves of Trinity Episcopal Church, both in

Huntington. Chip talked about his trip to Palestine and his experiences there. They

discussed their music ministries, Episcopal female priests & bishops, current volatile

situation in Israel


Tri State Viewpoint 7-28-14

Jean Dean welcomed Huntington Mayor Steve Williams in the first half. They
discussed: the Morris Building fire; tonight's city council meeting.
Jean's second half hour guest was Huntington Fire Chief Carl Eastham. He described
yesterday's fire at the Morris Building, cooperation from other departments, creative
thinking to help fight the fire, lessons learned.


Tri State Viewpoint 7-23-14

Jean Dean & Wednesday co-host, Dr. Joe Wyatt, retired, Marshall University
discussed gun show accidents; politics-including Republicans vs. Obama; Malaysian
airplane shot down; insured West Virginians; subsidies for Affordable Health Care; Dr. Wyatt revealed his "liar of the week!"


Tri State Viewpoint 7-22-14

Jean Dean welcomed Patrick Grace of Publisher's Place as Tuesday co-host. They
discussed the Christian movies: Persecuted, God's Not Dead, and Heaven Is For
Real. 2nd half: immmigration; check our for legislative updates;


Tri State Viewpoint 7-21-14

Jean Dean welcomed Huntington Mayor Steve Williams for the entire hour. They

discussed: Huntington Symphony Orchestra's last Saturday Beatles performance;

City Charter proposed changes: city manager title, public works department, city motor pool utilizing current technology; filling vacancies; charter review meeting; Huntington Classic Regatta weekend coming up.


Tri-State Viewpoint 7-17-14


Tri State Viewpoint 7-16-14

Jean Dean & Wednesday co-host, Dr. Joe Wyatt, retired, Marshall University clinical
psychologist discussed: Joe's vacation in Georgia, a visit to where The Walking
Dead is filmed, Congress; John Boehner; Republicans vs. Obama; Shelly Moore
Capito/Natalie Tennant senate campaign; Paul Ryan; Dr. Wyatt revealed his "liar of
the week!"


Tri State Viewpoint 7-15-14

Jean Dean's guests were Sharon Pressman, Exec. Dir., Contact of Huntington and
Danelle Horn, SART co-ordinator, Contact, which concentrates mainly on sexual
assault victims. 304-523-3447 is their office number. 304-399-1111 is the hotline
number for abuse victims.


Tri State Viewpoint 7-14-14

Jean Dean welcomed Huntington Mayor Steve Williams. They discussed the city's
attractive website; tonight's council meeting; the Mayor's proclamation of
Beatlemania week; skateboard park;
2nd half: City's website information;; WV is the 6th lowest in
the nation under the Affordable Care Act; Congressman Nick Rahall;


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