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Tri State Viewpoint 12-19-14

Jean Dean welcomes Director of the Huntington Symphony Orchestra Kimo Furumoto to discuss the group's upcoming performance with Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. and journalist Dave Peyton.


Tri State Viewpoint 12-18-14

Jean Dean is joined in the first half by Dr. Joe Wyatt, former interim Marshall University President Mike Perry and Senator Jay Rockefeller to discuss the sudden passing of Marshall University President Stephen Kopp. In the second half of the show, Jean is joined by Dr.Mark Carney to discuss the current flu season.


Tri State Viewpoint 12-17-14

Jean Dean and Wednesday co-host, Dr. Joe Wyatt, retired clinical psychologist,
Marshall University. They discussed: CIA & torture; Sydney hostages; massacre in Pakistan and the psychological damage; Joe had his "liar of the year," and Jean had a truth-teller.


Tri State Viewpoint 12-16-14

Jean Dean welcomed Ken Epperly, co-owner of Magic Makers, which is closing shop after 36 years. Fascinating story of its beginnings.
2nd half: Patrick Grace, Publisher's Place. They discussed: Pakistan school shooting today leaving 141 dead; several callers chimed in.


Tri State Viewpoint 12-15-14

Jean Dean welcomed Huntington Mayor Steve Williams. They discussed: his nearly 2
year anniversary as Mayor; Public Works reorganization and other plans.
2nd half: Islam analyst & author Dan Perkins who spoke on the recent hostage
situation in Sydney, Australia by Isis


Tri State Viewpoint 12-12-14

Jean Dean is joined in the first half by author Terry Irving to discuss his book: "Courier." In the second half of the show, Jean welcomes Glenn Carle, an ex-C.I.A. agent, to discuss the torture argument.


Tristate Viewpoint 12-11-14


Tri State Viewpoint 12-10-14

Jean Dean & Wednesday co-host, Dr. Joe Wyatt, retired clinical psychologist, M.U.
discussed: Freedom Industries chemical spill this past January and its CEO;
CIA/Torture-which elicited several phone calls.


Tri State Viewpoint 12-9-14

Jean Dean and Patrick Grace of Publisher's Place interviewed Witness at Hawk's Nest
author, Dr. Dwight Harshbarger, whose new book is Valley At Risk: Shelter in Place.


Tri State Viewpoint 12-8-14

Jean Dean welcomed Margaret Mary Layne, Huntington City Manager. They
discussed Margaret Mary's change from Huntington Museum of Art to City Hall,
tonight's city council meeting agenda; City Hall renovations;
2nd half: Jean's guest was Sherry White, paralegal for a local law firm. They
discussed the musical efforts of Renaissance


Tristate Viewpoint 12-5-14

Jean Dean is joined in the first half hour of Friday's program by author Nick Jans to discuss his part memoir, part animal narrative "A Wolf Called Romeo." Jean then welcomes Fredrick Davis of the Dance Theatre of Harlem in studio for the second half
hour to discuss his guest preformance in the Huntington Dance Theatre's production
of "The Nutcracker."


TriState Viewpoint

Today on the show Jean Dean is joined by Huntington Police Chief Joe Ciccarelli. The Chief spends the whole hour with Jean talking about his background and the efforts being put forth to help the city.


Tri State Viewpoint 12-3-14

Jean Dean and Wednesday co-host, Dr. Joe Wyatt, retired M.U. clinical psychologist talked politics including: Elizabeth Lauten's comments on the Obama children, possible U.S. government shut down on December 11, and Obama's executive order on immigration.


Tri State Viewpoint 11-25-14

Jean Dean and Tuesday co-host, Patrick Grace, Publisher's Place, co-hosted. They
interviewed Jennifer Holland, author ofUnlikely Heroes, 37 stories of animals' heroic
acts and loving deeds; they discussed: ISIS; Ferguson, Missouri;


Tri State Viewpoint 11-24-14

Jean Dean welcomed Huntington Mayor Steve Williams. They discussed: tonight's
council meeting; possible grants; attacking the drug problem; Frontier
Communications' contest; high speed broadband;

2nd half: Jean's phone guest was James Loewen, bestselling & award-winning
author of Lies My Teacher Told Me About Christopher Columbus. They discussed the
truth about Thanksgiving.


Tristate Viewpoint 11-21-14

Jean Dean is joined in studio by Kevin Brady, Director of the Greater Huntington Parks and Recreation District.


TriState Viewpoint

Jean Dean. HPD Captain Hank Dial. Former HPD Chief Jim Johnson. Scott Linley, Crime Scene Statistics Analyst, and Huntington Fire Department Captain Jan Raider.


Tri State Viewpoint

Jean Dean & Wednesday co-host, Dr. Joe Wyatt, retired professor, clinical
psychology, Marshall University. They discussed: House Speaker John Boehner
calling President Obama "an emperor;" immigration; MIT economist Jonathan Gruber; Keystone Pipeline and jobs it could create; and Dr. Wyatt revealed his "biggest liar of the week!"


Tri State Viewpoint 11-18-14

Jean Dean's first half hour guest was Dan Perkins, registered investment advisor for
over 40 years in managing money and author of the Brotherhood of the Red Nile
Series. They discussed the Keystone Pipeline.
2nd half: Jean's guest was Sophia McClennen, author of Is Satire Saving Our
Nation? She works on the intersections between culture, politics, and society. She is
a professor of international affairs and comparative literature at Penn State


Tri State Viewpoint 11-17-14

Jean Dean welcomed Huntington Mayor Jean Dean. They discussed the refurbishing
of City Hall, holistic approach to Huntington's drug problem.
2nd half: Jean welcomed John Witek and Deborah Novak. They told the story of Levi Holly Stone, a Huntingtonian and photographer. They've assembled a book of his photos. They have a book signing tomorrow at the Huntington Museum of Art.


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